Jatayu's Journey V1.1

Update Released!

Pranav Krishnamurthy, Digital Lead here with an update - the main logic has not changed.  However, the UI on the main screen has changed. Before, there was a "QUIT" button which would quit the game.  However, since this is the first digital game for Games For Seva, and realizing that the HTML5 version will not really quit, I removed the "QUIT" button.  Later on, I will be upload the .exe for Windows and the necessary files for Mac OS.  I hope that you can play this game, and for feedback, please send an email to games4seva@gmail.com, and have the subject line of your email read: "Game Feedback"

I look forward to your feedback - up next in terms of features/functionality will be the concept of the high score which is critical for any and every game that is either here on itch.io or in the public marketplace. 


Pranav Krishnamurthy


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Aug 18, 2017

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